Building The Worship Training Center
For the last 12 years, CSM (Christian School of Music and Worship) has been a place of growth for many people serving in worship ministry in Poland. Our desire is to prepare and equip the next generation of musicians and worship leaders to serve in local Churches in Poland. We provide high-quality educational materials and spiritual discipleship training. We also write and record original worship songs in Polish.
The last 3 years of our ministry have been a time of dynamic growth. However, we have realized that for further development,
we need our own place.

To fulfill that vision, within the next few years we are building a Worship Training Center for musicians and leaders from all over Poland. We want to help them to develop their talents and calling, equip and help move their local church ministries forward. As this is a huge undertaking, we’ve divided it into a few stages.

Stage One

  • Purchase of a 2551 sq. ft. building and 0,86 acres of land
  • Renovation and adaption of the interior of the building, clearing the surrounding land
  • Purchase of audio and video recording equipment

As for today we've collected


of $338.000, which is


of the amount needed to cover the entire budget.

Your help is essential for our growth. If you’d like to be a part of this project and help us build this training center, please consider supporting CSM through a financial donation.
We are grateful to God that CSM can be a blessing for so many people in Poland. If you value and support what we do - please support us through prayer and financial support.

Watch the project video

The building we want to buy is located in Biery, 10 miles from the city of Bielsko-Biała, at the foot of the Beskid’s mountains next to the “Deer Stream Valley”. The building is in good condition, although it must be adapted to fit our needs. Inside, we would like to create an office space, professional audio/video recording studio, an open space where we can organize workshops and stream live worship events, as well as storage space. 

The first stage of the project – the purchase and renovation of the facility  would enable us to move our team from an adapted home garage to a CSM headquarters, immediately elevating our ministry effectiveness. The second stage consists of building the CSM School with an education and accommodation base, which would allow us to run CSM School full time. We are hoping to break ground on Stage 2 in 2022-2025.

Our desire is to prepare and equip the next generation of musicians and worship leaders to serve in local Churches.

We do this through organizing a year-round school program, meeting 8 weekends a year. The curriculum is crafted to meet the needs of each student and is led and overseen by professional and experienced worship leaders. Moreover, our students can learn and meet top Christian musicians, preachers and leaders from Poland to develop their hearts for worship and the local church. Just last year, we had nearly 150 students from across 10 different Christian denominatnions.

We also provide high-quality educational materials and spiritual discipleship training, not only for our students, but also for more than 2300 people through our CSMonline resources, where our users can find over 1000 incredibly useful tutorials, warm-ups, training materials, and devotions to help them grow their heart and develop their skills.

We also write and record original worship songs in Polish. Last year we released our first album, Heart of the Servant, which has blessed many in the Polish Evangelical family.