Building The Worship Training Center
For the last 12 years, CSM (Christian School of Music and Worship) has been a place of growth for many people serving in worship ministry in Poland. Our desire is to prepare and equip the next generation of musicians and worship leaders to serve in local Churches in Poland. We provide high-quality educational materials and spiritual discipleship training. We also write and record original worship songs in Polish.
In years 2017-2020, our ministry has grown dynamically. 
We have realized that for further development,
we need our own place.

To fulfill that vision, within the next few years we are building a Worship Training Center for musicians and leaders from all over Poland. We want to help them to develop their talents and calling, equip and help move their local church ministries forward. As this is a huge undertaking, we’ve divided it into a few stages.

Stage One

  • purchase of a 2551 sq. ft. building and 0,86 acres of land;
  • renovation and adaptation of the building’s interior, clearing the surrounding
  • purchase of audio and video recording equipment

Thanks to your generosity we have collected $338,000
and managed to complete the first stage of building the centre!

We are grateful to God that CSM can be a blessing for so many people in Poland. If you value and support what we do - please support us through prayer and financial support.

We have bought the building, located in Biery, 10 miles from the city of Bielsko-Biała, at  the foot of the Beskid’s mountains, next to the “Deer Stream Valley”. We have adapted it to the needs of our organization, by creating an office space, a professional recording studio, equipment storage, and open space for workshops and streaming worship events.

We’ve invested in professional audio and video recording equipment, which allowed us to move our mission team from a home garage to the new CSM/mission headquarter. In  the next stage, on the purchased ground we want to build a CSM school with educational and accommodation facilities.

We continue to renovate and equip the building, we plan to buy wireless microphones and surveillance cameras, take care of the parking lot and restore a bathroom.

Your help is essential for our growth. If you’d like to be a part of this project and help us build CSM, please consider supporting us through a financial donation.



Misja Chrześcijańska Służba Muzyczna
ul. Sportowa 285
43-386 Biery

TIN: 524-274-56-11